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Amtrol WX-203 X-Trol Stand Well Water Tank Review


Amtrol WX-203 X-Trol Stand Well Water Tank, Color Blue is a perfect water system pressure tank (Standing Model). Which has a capacity of 32 gallons volume. The precharge pressure of the WX-203 Well Water System Pressure Tank with PSIG of 38 and 125 PSIG is the Maximum Working Pressure.

Amtrol WX-203 well pressure tank has a heavy-duty diaphragm which is the thickest among the industrial models and also has a seamless construction for uniform flexibility and strength. The shell configuration is followed precisely without any creasing, stretching or bubble formation or corners which may trap sediment or water. The best-known elastomer to prevent air loss is Butyl. The high-strength butyl diaphragm is extremely resistant to bacterial growth and meets the FDA requirements for drinking water supply.

The polypropylene coating gives a rigid, non-metallic and corrosion-resistant water reservoir, as defined in the international standard of NSF 61.

The welded air valve is permanently attached instead of being mechanically threaded to prevent loss of air pressure, and it minimizes the stress in the Well Pumps. The tank also has a tamper warning label.

The unique welding process eliminates the rough spots present in the inside and sharp edges that can damage the diaphragm and coating.

High-strength steel shell domes provide twice the strength of rolled steel and minimize the weight of the well water tank.


  • The welded air valve which is permanently attached stops loss of air pressure.
  • The premium quality dome is stainless steel for additional strength and less weight.
  • Exclusive Positive Ring Seal Ensures Increased Strength and Reliability of Diaphragm and Liner.
  • Unique butyl diaphragm.
  • 100% virgin polypropylene liner which is corrosion-proof.
  • Stainless steel system connection withstands aggressive water.
  • All the finished tanks are checked for if there is any issue with them.
  • All the finished tanks are pressurized to the most common pump cut-in pressure.
  • Exterior finish is attractive while it also protects the tank from the harmful elements.
  • All parts, including the butyl diaphragm, polypropylene liner, and stainless-steel fittings, are listed in the NSF International Standard 61.
  • High strength steel casing.
  • The virgin polypropylene liner will not crack, splinter, or flake.
  • The unique positive ring seal ensures the strength and reliability of the diaphragm and liner.
  • Embedded steel domes provide twice the strength of rolled steel and minimize weight.

Technical specifications:

  • Pressure pre-charged at the factory: 38 PSI
  • System Connection: 1 "FNPT
  • Max. operating temperature: 200F
  • Max. working pressure: 125 PSIG
  • Tank volume: 32 gallons
  • Max. accepted factor: 0.35
  • Height: 46-1 / 2 "
  • Diameter: 15-3 / 8 "
  • Shipping Weight: 43 lbs
  • Shell: steel
  • Diaphragm: high-strength butyl
  • Cover: virgin polypropylene
  • Coating: blue enamel

How a tank works

  1. When the pump fills the water tank, the air over the diaphragm gets compressed. It, in turn, increases the pressure in the water tank and forces the pressure switch to turn off the pump.
  2. When water gets used, it gets removed from the tank, and the pressure inside the tank decreases. The reduced weight turns on the Water Pumps and fills the tank. The amount of water supplied between the pumping cycles is called drawdown. The larger the tank is, the higher will be the drawdown capacity, the less the pump should run. It saves energy and money and extends the life of the pump. More substantial tanks also increase the volume of water storage to provide more constant water pressure. It will fit perfectly.

Location of the Water Tank

The surface that supports the Well-X-Trol must be capable of supporting its operating weight (including water weight). Well-X-Trol must be installed as close as possible to the pressure switch. It will reduce the adverse effects of additional friction loss and height differences between Well-X-Trol and the water supply system and the switch.

  1. Adjacent to the pump: This is the most frequently chosen location. The Well-X-Trol tank can be used if the pumps are above or below the surface. In both cases, it protects the pump by reducing surges, damping pressure peaks, providing a pressure control point, and ensuring a minimum operating time. This location also allows all material to get placed in a safe and usable area.
  2. At the end of long pipes: The Well-X-Trol can be placed at the end of a long hose to provide a quick system response and proper protection. When this location is selected, the pressure switch must be moved with the Well-X-Trol tank or adjusted to compensate for any pressure drop in the line. Do not place the tool in an area where tank leaks or their connections may damage the area adjacent to the unit or lower floors.

Connection of the Tube

The connection tube between the Well-X-Trol tank and the system must be as small as possible with the least number of bends. It must also have the largest possible diameter, compatible with the piping system. Never immerse yourself in the Well-X-Trol tank.

Adjust the Precharge before the installation process

Step 1 Remove the air protective valve cover.

Step 2 Check the pre-inflation pressure (the pressure must be +/- 10% of the factory setting of 38 PSIG).

Step 3 Release or add air if necessary, so that the precharge pressure is two psig lower than the pressure switch pump cut-in setting. (For example, if you have a WX-202XL with a precharge of 38 PSIG and have a pressure switch setting of 30/50 psig, then you should adjust the precharge on your WX-202XL tank from 38 to 28 PSIG).

Step 4 Replace the protective cap of the air valve. All Well-X-Trol underground tanks have been made to bury them directly and must be installed only in an upright position. The container must be buried below the frost line, to eliminate the risk of frost.

The following steps should get followed when a Well-X-Trol underground storage tank is getting installed:

  1. Make sure the container is buried under the ice line and over the water table.
  2. Check the tank precharge after you remove the plastic bag. The factory precharge is 38 PSIG. Replace the air stem cover correctly. Follow the precharge adjustment procedure.
  3. Necessary: Install the tank on the firm ground without rocks.
  4. The water connectors from the pump to the tank and the location of the switch must be the same size to avoid the switch cycling.
  5. Verify system performance and check for leaks.
  6. Necessary: Fill the hole with sand. Rub firmly to prevent settling. Or else, the life of the tank gets shortened.
  7. Fill the pressure tank location sticker and secure it to the control panel or another visible surface so that the reservoir can get easily located later.

Fine-tuning set-up procedure

A lot of times, the actual pressure switch will vary from the indicated standard pressure range. These variations could cause a quick change in water distribution since the pressure switch is not set to the Well-X-Trol precharge pressure.

  1. Fill the system and Well-X-Trol until the pump stops.
  2. Open one or more devices to drain out the Well-X-Trol tank.
  3. If there is any sort of pause in the water flow between the time the Well-X-Trol gets emptied and the pump starts, change the pump cut-in setting slightly in a clockwise manner.
  4. Close the devices and fill Well-X-Trol to turn off the pump. Check the time to fill out.
  5. Open the tools and see if the break in the water got eliminated. Otherwise, continue adjusting the pressure switch.

Configure the precharge after the installation

  1. Empty the tank of all the water. Check the precharge pressure in the Well-X-Trol tank.
  2. Release or add air if necessary, to ensure that the recharge pressure is below the pressure switch pump cut-in setting by two psig.


The complete system needs to be checked by a qualified professional, including Well-X-Trol, every year and more frequently as the system get older.

Inspect for any shipping damage and notify the carrier or store where you purchased it immediately if you find any damage present. To avoid the risk of property damage or personal injury, if the product does not appear to work properly, or shows signs of corrosion. A qualified professional needs to get called immediately. All copies of the product manual can be found at Use appropriate safety equipment during installation.

This tank is easy to install and use the product carefully. Failure to comply with the instructions and warnings in this manual may result in severe injury or death and property damage and will void the product warranty. Only a qualified professional should be allowed to install this product. Obey all the applicable local and provincial codes and regulations. If there is no such code, the current editions of the National Electrical Code and the National Plumbing Code should be followed, as applicable.

Risk of explosion or rupture

The well's tank must get used in such a way that the pressure never goes over the maximum operating pressure limit.


Failure to comply with the instructions in the product manual may cause breakage or explosion; It can cause severe injury or death, leakage or flooding, and property damage.

Use it only with a drinking water system. Do not use it in freezing conditions or when the temperature can exceed 100 F and does not exceed the maximum working pressure specified for this product in the manual. Mount the well only in a vertical position.

Chlorinated and aggressive water: water quality can significantly affect the life of this product. You should look for corrosive elements, acidity, total solids, and other essential contaminants. Including chlorine and treat the water properly to ensure satisfactory performance and avoid premature failure.

This product, like most pressurized products, can eventually corrode, weaken or explode, causing severe injury or death, leaching or flooding, and property damage. To minimize the risk, only a licensed professional should be allowed to install, inspect, and maintain the product periodically. A drip tray connected to an adequate drain should get fixed because if there is any leaks or floods, then it can cause property damage. Do not place the tool in an area where leakage from the tank or accessories, may cause damage to the area near the unit, or floors below the structure.


This product has a chemical widely known in the state of California to cause cancer, birth flaws, or other reproductive problems. (California Installer / Contractor: California law requires that this announcement gets delivered to the consumer/end-user of this product). For detailed


A pressure relief valve must get installed to prevent the pressure from exceeding the restrictions of the local code. Or the maximum operating pressure indicated in the product manual, whichever is less. The product should not get exposed to sub-zero temperatures, or temperatures above 100 F. You should never adjust the precharge, or change the pressure on this product again. Except for the settings required at the time of initial installation, mainly if the product is rusted, damaged or if its integrity has decreased. Precharge settings should be made only at room temperature. If the product is not sized correctly, or these instructions are not followed. Excessive system tension, product failure, severe personal injury or death, leakage, and property damage may occur.


Risk of explosion

When the well's tank is in service, and a more significant precharge pressure change gets required for a change in the pressure switch configuration. Failure to follow the instructions below may result in a rupture or explosion, which may cause death or severe injury and property damage.

  • Do not adjust and do not add pressure in case of air loss.
  • Do not alter the precharge pressure if corrosion is visible from the outside.
  • Do not change the precharge pressure if you notice a reduction in pump cycle time or precharge

Water Pumps pressure in Flotec FP7120 Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Water Tank, 35 Gallon in comparison is an excellent choice. The decline of the pump cycle time can be the result of a loss of atmospheric pressure in the tank. Which can cause internal corrosion and any new pressurization or additional stress can cause a rupture or explosion. Warranty WX Models: A Limited Warranty of 7 years gets provided. Visit the www.amtrol website to complete the registration of the serial number associated with your tank.
amtrol well-x-trol wx-203 air pressure

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