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Ironton Submersible Water Pump Model P01-011-0012 Review


This Ironton Submersible Pump provides you with multiple options for use. The customers who are in search of a great pump that is made for both regular and heavy use should look into Ironton Submersible Pump - 1in. Port, 1,268 GPH, 1/8 HP, Model# P01-011-0012. It has been made keeping the various individual needs in mind. It is a very versatile pump that is available at a very affordable price. The 110V motor of this pump has the special function of thermal overload protection. This pump has 1/2in., 3/4in. And 1in, hose adapters that come in various handy uses. This submersible pump can be used to drains pool covers, ponds, flooded cellars, and even boats. The screened inlet draws in the pump draws water from 1/8in. Of the bottom.

Benefits of a Submersible Pump:

The Ironton Submersible Pump comes with a unique sensor that detects the water level inside the sinkhole. If it exceeds a specific level, it automatically turns on the engine. The unit helps expel water from the pit using a turbine. A pipe or hose is often used to direct water to a safer distance from the pit. Although pedestals are available, the submersible pumps are in high demand. There are many reasons why they regard themselves better than others.

  1. The parts are not visible: The main difference between pedestal models and submerged models is the placement of mechanical parts. In the first case, the seals, valves, and bearings get usually placed outside the water pit, but in the second case, most of its components get easily submerged in the well. In most cases, it is entirely out of sight. It will give you the visual appeal of the basement. It is advantageous if the space saved is used freely to entertain guests or as a warehouse. Hence, you will be able to use the area for many uses as the submersible pump does not entirely block it.
  2. Insurance: Compared to its rivals, this pump is a much safer option. It is suitable for houses where there are children. It can keep toddlers away from potentially dangerous components immersed in the well. Owners often cover the pump with a solid plate to avoid any risk of any harm to the kids. Children tend to play with valves and other mechanisms. They could even be injured accidentally. So, you should always be very alert when you let innocent kids be around the pump. Because they can get hurt, and that is the last thing anyone would want. We always advise using this powerful pump safely.
  3. Minimal noise level: The quitter operation and the minimum level of obstruction are music to the ears of most users. As it gets strategically located inside the pit, its walls absorb the sounds of the engine. It cannot happen in the column pump because the motor is out of the well. It can disturb the occupants of the property, as well as the neighbors. Constant loud noise when you are operating the pump is the last thing anyone wants. It is not only irritating but also highly disturbing to you and everyone around. So, the less the amount of noise your pump produces, the high amount of peace will prevail at your surroundings.
  4. Practical: The efficiency of a submersible pump is not to get questioned. The cantilever pump will only be activated when the well water reaches a critical level. It means that there will already be a considerable amount of water that could spread soon. However, the submersible pump can detect the liquid well before it accumulates ultimately. These are the parts that allow this installation. Generally, water is pumped much earlier to avoid disasters. This submersible pump is highly effective in doing its job. The reviews we have received suggests that this product has been outstanding and has done its job well enough for them to recommend it to others. This product is highly efficient, and once you purchase it, you will be delighted with the results.
  5. Less maintenance: They are always correctly done because they are conveniently immersed permanently in the water. Corrosion-resistant materials can last for years. It reduces the maintenance tasks associated with it. Ironton Submersible Pump - 1in. Port, 1,268 GPH, 1/8 HP, Model# P01-011-0012 has got made in a way that it can last you a lifetime without the need of much maintenance. As this product has to stay underwater for quite a long time, the materials used are of waterproof material. So that it does not get rust and stops functioning. So, you can rest easy that you have installed a nice pump that will not take you back many men hours or money for maintenance.

The building where the Ironton Submersible Pump - 1inch port is installed, will remain dry even during heavy rains. It will lead to the improvement of the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the property.


  1. Disconnect the power supply when you are not using the pump. Unplug it from the mains when not in use, before cleaning, repairing, or replacing it any part or accessory. It is to prevent any electrical hazard. The safety of the user should always be of the highest priority.
  2. Double insulated pumps get equipped with a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other), this plug only sets into a polarized outlet in specific meth. If the plug does not fit the socket, try reversing it. If the problem persists, contact a qualified electrician to install a polarized outlet. Do not change the electrical alignment in any way. Double insulation eliminates the need for a three-wire power cable and a grounded power system.
  3. Grounded tools must get connected to an electrical outlet that is installed and grounded following all codes and guidelines. Remember never to remove the grounding prong or modify the plug in any way as it can result in unrepairable damage. Do not use an adapter. Get in touch with a qualified electrician if you have any questions about whether the outlet is properly grounded or not. If the pump is not functioning normally, or any of its electronic parts have broken down. Then the ground connection provides a low-resistance path to divert the electricity that may harm the user. Thus, ensuring the safety of everyone at the same time.
  4. You should never abuse the cable. Remember never to use the cord to transport the pump or disconnect the plug from the socket. The cable should be kept away from sharp materials, heat, oil, or any other kind of hazardous stuff, even moving parts of the pump. As they can cause physical damage, then you will have to repair them. Do not use this pump if the power cord is frayed or damaged. The damaged cords should get replaced immediately. Because they can cause injury to the user and the Ironton Submersible Pump - 1in. Port, 1,268 GPH, 1/8 HP, Model# P01-011-0012. Any damage to the cable increases the risk of electric shock. The plug of the submersible pump should not get changed under any condition.
  5. For outdoor usage, use an outdoor extension cord marked W-A "or" W. "These cables are designed for outdoor usage and reduce the risk of electric shock. Do not use the cords that are meant to be used indoors for outside as it can have grave consequences. The cords can get damaged with the load, which in turn can damage the pump and also injury you badly. So always use the parts that have got specifically made for each use.
  6. Avoid using an extension cord that is too long. Choose a cable suitable for the situation, such as, if a cable is too long and running on the ground, then it can be more dangerous than useful. Use proper parts and ensure the safety of both yourself and the machine. If you find any problem, contact professional help which is better equipped than you to solve the problem.

Read properly and understand all the instructions before using Ironton Submersible Pump - 1in. Port, 1,268 GPH, 1/8 HP, Model# P01-011-0012. Keep this manual for warnings and safety precautions, as well as for instructions for use, inspection, and maintenance. When using this tool, basic precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of injury and damage to the equipment.


  1. Look for damaged parts. Before using the tool, any part that appears damaged should be carefully verified to determine that it will work correctly and perform the required functions. Check to align and connect moving parts; broken parts or mounting accessories, or any other condition that may affect proper operation. Any damaged part must be properly repaired or replaced by a qualified technician, or else electrical spark may occur. Such a short circuit can cause substantial damage to the pump and also to the user.
  2. When performing maintenance, the use of genuine replacement parts is highly recommended. Accessories that are designed for this tool should only be used with it. Replace damaged parts immediately after you find them. If you delay in replacement and keep on using, the damage can grow, which is terrible for the submersible pump.1.`


Use the proper assigned tools for the job. Do not try to force a small tool or accessory to do the role of a more crucial industrial tool. The device will be more efficient and safer in the task for which it got designed. Do not modify the Superior Pump 91025 1/5 HP Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump with 10-Foot Cord or use it for any purpose for which it is not made.


The warranty provided by Ironton is well rounded and looks after all the needs of the user. You will receive top-grade service for installation and if you need any help thereon. So be assured that once you purchase the product, your partnership does not end with the company. It is only the start. There is a 1-year limited Manufacturers Warranty. Any problem with the parts will be solved either by repairing or replacing. There is an option to extend your warranty coverage. With the help of the Service Protection Plan (SPP), you can extend the coverage and rest easy. If any defect in manufacture and operation is found, notify the customer care, and it will be taken care of within no time.

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So, this product is both user-friendly and budget-friendly. All the reviews that have been received on this product so far have been very positive. The customer service that is provided with this fabulous provide is also outstanding, that enhances its appeal among the potential customers. The build of this pump is excellent and add to that the goodwill of the company. It is an amazing deal available for you to get.
ironton submersible water pump - 1268 gph

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