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Kensun D1001 Heavy Duty Multi Function Air Compressor Tire Inflator Review


In the year of 2015, Kensun came out with a new model. It was the latest design of the older Kensun D1001 AC/DC Heavy Duty Multi-Function Air Compressor Tire Inflator model. This latest Kensun D1002 goes thoroughly examined. It was found to have been working correctly even up to 33-inch tires. Gone are those days when you were forced to be left stranded on a deserted road or wait for when the help may arrive. Now with the latest D1002 tire inflator, you can repair your flat tire in an instant. The Air Compressors kit is straightforward to use and fits easily into your trunk because it is highly portable. You must keep in mind that you should never use this air compressor continuously for more than 10 minutes at a single stretch. Give at least 10 minutes of rest between multiple uses. If the product gets overused, it will cause it to overheat, and that can severely damage the product.

Your air inflator has been designed to get used in various ways, which include all around the home by using its 110-volt cord. Or in most of the conventional vehicles, which have a standard 12 Volt socket. It is using its 12 Volt adaptor cord-like all appliances which work on the battery when this inflator gets used in its 12 Volt mode. Its performance will vary directly with the amount of charge that gets left in the cell. So, you can understand that the higher the amount of current drawn by the inflator from the battery, the better the output and more usage of power in the cell.


  • 21.7-inch (55 cm) high-quality rubber air hose
  • The Kensun D1002 has been tested on tires up to 33 inches in size. Pumps up to 40 PSI (the meter measures up to 250 PSI). The airflow is 11 liters per minute.
  • Nine feet 10-inch (3 m) long-range cable attached with cigarette plug and 6 ft. 7 in. (2 m) a cord with AC plug
  • Featuring three nozzle adapters, this air compressor, besides being ideal for all types of tires (caravan, truck, car, bike, motorcycle, scooter, SUV, lawnmower, etc.), is also excellent for sports with inflated sports equipment. Camp (basketballs, rafts, soccer balls, volleyballs, air mattresses, athletic balls, beach balls, etc.), toys (pool accessories, beach toys, etc.), and many more things.


  • Adaptable for household and automobile (AC / DC)
  • Analog meter
  • Measures pressure up to 120 psi
  • Measurement accuracy: +/- 1psi
  • The air inflator can work continuously for 30 minutes at a rate of 35 p.s.i.
  • Air flow: 18 (DC) / 20 (AC) litres/ min.
  • Black woven hose (outside length): 80 cm (31.4 in)
  • Cable length: DC - 10 feet 9.9 inches (3.3 m). AC - 3 ft 3.4in (1m)
  • Maximum current: <10A


In this tire inflator, two reliable metal motors will provide you with excellent power, making tire inflation extremely quick and easy.


The latest Kensun model, has exclusive AC / DC switch with a 12V socket for the car's cigarette lighter plug. Plus a 110V wall outlet for the AC outlet makes this inflator more useful and a multipurpose tool, because it can be used at a lot of places.


The D1002 model of Kensun has broad, bright, and classic manometer with unit conversion (PSI / Bar / KPA) up to 120 PSI, for clarity. By using this, you can get the proper reading at all times, and you have the liberty to decide what should be the air pressure of the tires of your car.


You can inflate various sizes of tires of motor-bikes, cars, bicycles, and mid-size SUVs. Adaptors for balls and inflatables get provided with the air inflator kit. Along with all these facilities, the unique AC / DC capabilities make this inflator useful in various situations, and you will be grateful to yourself for having brought this multipurpose tool.

Built to last:

When you buy yourself a Kensun product, you can rest easy by knowing that you are getting a durable, high quality, and rigorously tested device. This powerful and highly portable air compressor is exceptionally easy to use. It is intended for inflating emergency tires on the road, as well as inflating indoor swimming pools, sports balls, and inflatable air mattresses.

Risk of bursting

There is a risk of the inflator bursting if it pumps in too much air pressure. It can be very hazardous. Check beforehand the maximum pressure rating as provided by the manufacturer for objects that need to be inflated.

Operating instructions

  • Steps to inflate the tires of your car:-
  • Screw connector on the air valve stem.
  • Plug the power cord directly into the power accessory outlet.
  • Press the DC or AC button. As soon as you see that the pressure in the tire has reached the level you desired, turn it off by pressing the AC or DC button again.

Usage of accessories

Tighten the air hose connector firmly on the required nozzle accessory (needle inflator or tapered nozzle). So that leakage of air can be stopped, as that will be a waste of effort.

Tightly put in the attached nozzle accessory into the inflation port of the object that needs to get inflated.

The standard and extension tapered nozzle and the needle inflator nozzle are all included in your air inflator kit. So that you do not have to face any unwanted situation.


Before each use, fully extend the 110V AC cord every time. To switch on the inflator, plug in the 110-volt cord and press the button marked "AC." Depress the "AC" button if you want to turn the inflator off.


Before you start using the 12V DC cord, extend it entirely always. To switch on the air inflator, plug in the 12V adaptor into the 12V accessory socket of your vehicle and then press the "DC" button. Then to turn off the air inflator, depress the "DC" button.


The cord and hose are kept in the storage area on the back and right side of the air inflator. The compartment being such a way, that it can safely store the cord and the hose inside when the Kensun air pump is not in use.

Remember to go through all the instructions in a proper way before you start operating the product. Failure in doing so may cause electric shock, fire, and grave injury to you or might damage the heavy-duty air pump.


On the front of the inflator, the AC and DC buttons are located, which is just above the air pressure gauge.


If you want to clean the tool, you should only use mild soap and damp cloth to clean the air inflator. To guarantee the reliability and safety of your air inflator, keep in mind that you should never let unauthorized personnel do any repair, adjustment, or maintenance. Always take your product to authorized service centers and make sure to use genuine replacement parts.




Be cautious that you do not allow children to play with the air inflator tool or extension. They must stay away from the work area as it may be dangerous to them. It is a heavy-duty tool and should be used with precision.


When you are not using the inflator, you should store the tools in a dry, high, or closed place, out of the reach of children. The children are innocent and do not always understand what they are using and handling this tool. Improper handling can be hazardous to the user.


The air inflator will do the job of filling up the car tire better if it is used at a proper pace at which it was intended to do. Overusing the tool can damage the device beyond repair, so follow appropriate guidelines, and you will get the best results always.


Remember never to force a small tool or accessory on the air inflator to do the job of this heavy-duty tool. Do not use tools that are not recommended or mentioned in the manual if you do not want unwanted results.


Never carry the tool with placing your finger on top of the switch of the air inflator tool. Make sure the switch is off when you connect it or else it can have unexpected results that may cause damage to both the device and the user. You should always be careful at every step when you are using this product.


Make sure the extension cord of your air inflator is in proper using condition. When you are using an extension cord, be extra careful that you use the one that is heavy enough to withstand the current your product will consume. A smaller cable will cause a voltage drop that will cause loss of power and overheating. Due to this sudden loss of control and overheating, the product will suffer damage and cause problems in its operating procedure.


Look what you are doing when you are operating the heavy-duty tool. Use your common sense because that is the most important thing you will need while using this inflator. You should never use the tool when you are tired because then you will not be able to give all of your attention. And that can cause unwanted situations to arise.

DO NOT use portable power tools near flammable liquids or in gaseous or explosive atmospheres. The engines of these tools usually produce sparks that can ignite the fumes. So, before you start using this tool, check your surroundings, and make extra sure that it is safe from anything that can harm the device.



The compressed air in your inflator is not good enough to breathe in. Never inhale the air that comes out from your tire inflator or from any device that gives out air that gets connected to the tool.


Turn off and unplug the power tool when you are not using it. When cleaning, or replacing the nozzles, if there is a supply of electricity while you are doing the cleaning, it will result in unwanted results. Do not expose the air inflator to rain or any moisture. Water entering the air inflator will substantially increase the risk of electric shock.


Since the vibrations produced by the inflator can make it move laterally. Be extra careful that you do not use it on a high shelf, as it may cause the inflator tool to fall, and that can have bad results. Operate on the ground or any level ground.


No unauthorized personnel should try to change or attempt to repair the tool if it has some issues. You should never drill, weld, or modify the inflator or its accessories as it can cause damage to the product. Remember never to use the power while the car engine is still running.

You should only use the accessories that are provided or those approved for 100 p.s.i. or more. Use of accessory that is not recommended for this tool can be dangerous to both you and the device.

Never play with the hose of the inflator. The high-pressure air that comes out from the tool can be hazardous. You should never point the airflow towards you or others.


The Kensun Customer Service Centre has a friendly and trained staff to provide customers with efficient and reliable service and support. If you need any kind of technical advice, repairs or original spare parts, just contact Kensun at1-855-536-7862 or email us at for detailed help.

Have your order number handy when you are calling the technical support. In most cases, a Kensun staff can solve the problem over the phone. If you have queries or comments, call them. At Kensun, they highly value your feedback.
kensun d1001 ac/dc - multi function air compressor

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