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SHURFLO 4008 171 E65 115V 3GPM Revolution Review


Water Pumps are beneficial equipment when used with liquid applications that have been developed to obtain cutting-edge technology. A motor pump is a device designed to move a large amount of water and do it quickly and efficiently. This allows us to extract water from reservoirs, wells, swimming pools, as well as transport it from one side to another. Also, to supply the residential area or in the rural part. Another application is to drain or extract water in flooded spaces. But, what motor pump of all those on the market should we select? Do not worry because with this guide you will answer the question How to choose a motor pump or water pump?

Thinking about how to save water, various scientists devised a method to collect rainwater and then distribute it for water supply through a Water Pump.

Before defining the class and types of Pumps and learning which pump to choose, let's quickly look at the operation of this equipment.

Put, a Water Pump or Motor Pump is a device that has the same operation as any hydraulic pump. They are teams that transform Mechanical Energy into Kinetic Energy. That is, in the end, it is necessary to generate a movement of the liquids that you want to use. Some pumps can move water, milk and even wine because they have different applications, that is the advantage of the motor pumps.

The pumps, regardless of type or class, are manufactured with two holes, the inlet that is called suction and the outlet that is called the drive. Since ancient times these devices have been used to extract water, and the most common energy is wind, such as the use of windmills with blades to carry out the movement and transport of water.

When the pump receives that energy with a motor coupled to either Gasoline or Diesel, the Water Pump is called Motobomba, if the power is by electric current, it is called Electropomba. Some pumps work with external motors or external aids such as shafts or pulleys.

To delve into the subject and not get entangled, when we talk about Motobombas we will talk about the whole set of devices that are used for fluid movement purposes (electric pumps, motor pumps, centrifugal pumps, etc.).

Essential characteristics of SHURFLO 4008-171-E65 Revolution Pump-3.0 Gpm, 115 Vac water pumps

Below are features of SHURFLO 4008-171-E65 Revolution Pump-3.0 Gpm

Debit:The flow rate of SHURFLO 4008-171-E65 Revolution Pump-3.0 Gpm, 115 Vac indicates the quantity of water that can be discharged in a given time expressed in litres per minute (l / min) or cubic meters per hour (m 3 / h), 6 m 3 / h corresponding to 100 l / min.

Pressure:The pressure is expressed in Bars (B) and measures the force at which the water is repressed, however, keep in mind that flow & pressure are correlated: at equal flow, a small section pipe with more weight than a large section. The pressure can also be indicated in Water Column Meter (ECM) in which case 10 MCE equals 1 B.

Discharge height:The height of repression is defined in its statement and is translated in the field by the maximum height between the point where the water is pumped and the one where it is repressed (visualize a slope will help you understand!). The discharge height is expressed in meters: high pump and submerged combined.

Total head:The Total Manometric Height (HMT) is the ratio between the discharge heights + the pressure at the point of discharge + the pressure drops (are the pressure losses due to the lengths of pipes, elbows, etc.).

Water quality:The quality of the water must be analyzed with the utmost care or the pump, and its motorization will be damaged because it is intended for precise water suction. The nature of the water can, therefore, be of three distinct types because governed by their granular passage, also called granulometry:

  • Clear liquids are waters containing impurities less than 5 mm;
  • The charged waters carry Suspended Material (MES) up to 20 mm;
  • The highly charged waters are composed of SS up to 25 mm.

To delve deeper into the topic, you can review the article Types of Water Pumps or Water Pumps: according to types of water, flow or pressure.

To understand the short version, we can make a distinction first by the type of equipment, and we will explain a bit its function. Here are the types of water pumps that exist according to their operating principle:

Positive or volumetric displacement pumps- In this type of 115 Vac SHURflo Industrial Pump - 198 GPH, 115 Volt, the pressure is carried out due to the thrust of the chamber walls that change their volume. Here the alternative piston pumps are integrated, which have or several fixed compartments with variable size, rotary or metastatic volumetric pumps, in which the liquid is accumulated in one or several compartments that move from the inlet zone (low pressure) to the exit zone (high pressure).

Rotodynamic pumps - Instead, this type of water pumps operates by exchanging the amount of movement between the machine and the fluid, applying hydrodynamics. We find the radial or centrifugal water pumps, in which the flow of the liquid maintains a trajectory perpendicular to the axis, axial water pumps, when the trajectory is executed in a cylinder, and the diagonal or helicocentrifugal water pumps, whose path is produced in a coaxial cone with the shaft.

On the other hand, water pumps can also be classified according to the drive they work with:

  • Electric pumps - These water pumps use the force of an electric motor to operate.
  • Pneumatic pumps - They work through compressed air.
  • Hydraulic drive pumps - The action of water causes them to start.
  • Manual pumps - The user is the one who has to activate the water pump for it to start its activity.
  • Motor pumps - They are water pumps fueled by fuel.

Technical aspects of a motor pump of SHURFLO 4008-171-E65 Revolution Pump-3.0 Gpm

When we want to choose a Motor pump of SHURFLO 4008-171-E65 Revolution Pump-3.0 Gpm, it is essential to review the performance it has, if it is going to meet our expectations, for this reason, we have to list several factors that you have to take into account before selecting a motor pump.

The flow rate (Q)

Flow, is the volume of fluid or liquid required in a given time, mostly calculated in liters / minute (l / m), liters / hour (l / h), cubic meters / hour (m 3 / h). The letter Q represents the flow rate.

Manometric Height (Hm), Aspiration or Absorption (Ha), Impulse or Elevation (Hi) and Geometric Height (hg)

Manometric Height (Hm), is the total calculation for the water to make the elevation where it should reach from one point to another. It is calculated by adding the Suction Height (Ha) with the Drive Height (Hi) plus the Load Losses ( H ). Now, the Geometric Height (Hg) is the sum of the Impulse Height and the Aspiration Height

Load Losses ( H)

Losses of Load, this happens when the fluid travels through a PVC or Polyethylene tube and has to turn, for example, in a machine that is with an elbow of 90 0 becomes an obstacle of 5 linear meters. Or when the water meets a valve, this becomes ten linear meters. At a lower flow rate, more pressure loss if the pipe has many turns (the water passes very smoothly and meets resistance). At higher flow rates and depending on the diameter of the tube, the pressure losses may be negligible. (The water runs so hard that the turns or valves do not represent much friction). It is handled by loss tables found on the Internet or in books.

How does SHURFLO 4008-171-E65 Revolution Pump-3.0 Gpm work?

The operation of a SHURFLO 4008-171-E65 Revolution Pump-3.0 Gpm is easily explained: the pump is turned on, an electric current is sent that activates the device causing the impellers to start rotating and the effect of the rotation causes them to absorb the water to the pump body to later expel it out through the pipe.

In other simple words, the SHURFLO 4008-171-E65 Revolution Pump-3.0 Gpm press the water to the surface, unlike the clean water pumps that absorb it, operating through the interaction between the pump itself and the pressure or pressure pipe. All are equipped with a sealed impeller to the housing that is immersed in the liquid to be pumped. Its main feature is that they have a significant lifting force by not relying on external air pressure to raise the cash. They are also very resistant and have excellent durability, and can last up to 25 years.

When to buy SHURFLO 4008-171-E65 Revolution Pump-3.0 GPM?

SHURFLO 4008-171-E65 Revolution Pump-3.0 Gpm continues to be a highly demanded product, being the ideal water pumps for the domestic environment thanks to their small size and low power. But when should we choose to buy small water pumps? The answer is straightforward: when we need it to carry out tasks that require little control, such as watering the garden, cleaning an aquarium, keeping our private pool in good condition or for internal pressurization.

And, also, small water pumps have high quality: they are straightforward to handle by any user without mechanical knowledge, which makes it multi-purpose. Even, it hardly requires installation, or maintenance, conditions that favour its simple handling.

Although it is worth mentioning that small water pumps are also used in agriculture because they allow much more controlled irrigation to be carried out in plantations that require special attention.

What aspects influence the price of water pumps?

As in any product, the price of water pumps is determined by various factors such as the material with which they have been made, the use for which they have been designed or the benefits they offer.

And it is that the price that has a water pump for industry or agriculture is different from that of a shoe for dirty water or to supply buildings. Naturally, a garden water pump will be much cheaper than a turbine water pump, for example.

Similarly, the manufacturer brand of the water pump also influences the price, making it customary for cheap water pumps to be from less recognized firms even if they have the same benefits as others that are sold at a much higher price.

Shurflo 4008-101-a65 New Revolution Water Pump RV

New water pump SHURFLO 12V RV 3.0 GPM - revolution 4008-101-A65. The new revolution SHURFLO fresh water pump design was created with a unique one-piece diaphragm and internal bypass, which guarantees a long service life and superior performance in all plumbing systems. This pump is designed as the next legendary pump to exceed the expectations of the customers; the revolution pump is designed for high flow demand, low noise and without rapid cycles. SHURFLO's reputation for quality is based on the reliability and capacity of each pump we build. The 4008 Revolution automatic freshwater demand pump is super quiet, with thermal protection and can run dry without damage. It mounts in any position.

Features of SHURFLO 4008-171-E65 Revolution Pump-3.0 GPM:

  • Shurflo Design New Revolution Freshwater Systems Pump was created with a single-piece diaphragm and internal bypass, which ensures long life and superior performance in all plumbing systems
  • Designed as the next legendary, pump to exceed the expectations of our customers, the revolution is manufactured for high demand fl OW, low noise and not Rapid Cycling
  • Quality reputation of shurflo has been built in the reliability and safety pump of each manufacturer
  • The automatic demand freshwater pump revolution is super quiet, thermally protected and can run dry without damage
  • Dimensions: 4.90 inch x 8.10 inch x 4.30 inch; Flow 3.0 GPM 115 VAC

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